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General Information and Mission:

The Long Lake Association of Kalamazoo County was founded in 1965 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization in the State of Michigan.  We are a voluntary membership organization established for the protection  and preservation of Long Lake, our wildlife, fish, habitat and associated residents. Educating our community about our history and key issues such as: water quality and levels, weed control initiatives, water safety, public landing and protecting real property values are the key components in our mission.



Our lake resides partly in the boundries of Portage, MI and partly in Pavilion Township. It supports a community of 315 homes along it's historic, beautiful shorelines. The Lake occupies approximately 512 acres and has a maximum depth of 57 feet. In 2002 we installed a water cooled, turbine engine pump that is 16" in diameter and is capable of pumping 2,400 gallons of water per minute from our 177 foot well. This was designed to help maintain our water level and won support of the majority of our lake residents that witnessed historically low water levels over a period of years. The Long Lake water level was set by the courts in 1925 as 856 feet above sea level. The gauge set at the northern part of the inlet, near the dam weir is the most accurate measurement.


The Long Lake Association works in conjunction with a political governing committee called the Governmental Lake Board, which is responsible for assessments and legal issues that are relevant and cross the borders of the City of Portage and Pavilion Township.


Long Lake has always been a great lake for fishing. For current regulations, limits, seasons etc. Visit:

Pike Fishing Special Regualtions

The DNR has special rules for Northern Pike fishing on Long Lake. You may not keep Pike from 24" to 36"

This is a program to make our lake a "trophy" fish destination. Please refer to the Michigan Fishing Guide for details.

On August 22, 2012 a public meeting was held at the City of Portage. The purpose of this meeting was to gather input from Lake residents on the issue of "weed control" in Long Lake. Attendance exceeded 65 people. The project received overwhelming support. Based on this, the Governmental Lake Board authorized an assessment and designated "Progressive AE Inc." as the contractor to oversee the project. Weed control began in May of 2013 and has been, by most reports, successful in cutting down on our invasive weed species. This plan has recently been approved to continue through 2025. You may refer questions on aquatic weeds to our representative:

Paul Hausler:



The Long Lake 100 horsepower, water cooled, augmentation pump, was turned on March 17, 2021 and ran until June 25, 21 (except for routine maintenance and inspections).  Our water level as of April 2, 2022 was at approx. 856.0 feet above sea level. (In February 2018 we reached a record level of 857.7')  Our legal level is 856' above sea level. The board is monitoring the level carefully in conjunction with the Governmental Lake Board and Drain Commissioner.  As of  4-1-2022 our pump is currently turned off.

The Pump House has no address but is located next to (South) of the residence at 4614 Deep Point Drive. Legal Address: Latitude  42.193541 and Longitude -85.531852

The gauge installed in 2013, which is the furthest North from the dam weir is now fairly accurate.  The other gauge, fixed to the concrete dam is also fairly accurate. Our most accurate measurements are being taken from the top of the cement weir. In 2024 The Drain Commissioner installed a new GPS system that monitors the lake level. Access will be posted on line.



The Long Lake Association general meeting will be held each year in October. Due to COVID 19, We will announce the date as soon as we can and send out a mailing. This meeting is open to the public.  We usually hold these annual meetings Tobey School. Everyone in invited!


                   IMPORTANT:                     DON'T GET A TICKET !

  The Kalamazoo County Sheriff's Marine Division patrols Long Lake on a very regular basis.

                   Please Remember:


          Alcohol and Boating:

Under Michigan law, you can legally consume alcoholic beverages while cruising around the lake. However, you cannot operate any craft with a blood alcohol level of .10 or greater!  If you do you are subject to arrested for "Operating Under the Influence"! This is a serious offense, use caution.


                       Boat Traffic:

Boats should travel in a counter-clockwise direction

when cruising around the lake. Be sure to have the appropriate number of life preservers on board, (either on your person, or in boat storage).  Also, be sure to have a copy of your fishing license, (when fishing) and boat registration available on your craft, when you are out cruising on the lake.

Maintain a safe distance behind other boats, diving platforms and water skiers, and a minimum of 100 feet from docks and anchored boats.


Water Skiing, Tubing:

If you are towing a skier or tube rider, you are required to have a designated "spotter", even if you are towing with a jet ski.


              Frequent questions                      "What's the white foam, I see on the shoreline"?

It may look like "soap suds" on the shoreline. Actually, when organisms die, such as fish, algae or plants, they release "fatty acids" called "surfactants". These surfactants are mixed with surface water, especially when it is windy and result in the foam you see on the water and shoreline. It is pretty harmless and melts away quickly.


What are my rights as a land owner on the lake?

Access this link for great information:


Anything I can do about unsafe, illegal or unruly behavior on the Lake?

Yes! Try to get the "MC" number off the boat or jet ski.  Call the Kalmazoo County Sherriff's department  marine division-269-383-8822 (option 6). Report what you observed.


Long Lake 4th of July Boat Parade!

Join us on the sand bar at 1:00 pm, decorate your boat and circle the lake, wave to your neighbors!.


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